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Thermetco Inspections

Our team carries out inspections to ensure that materials are intact and defect-free, in order to confirm they are being used safely. Our work will optimize the product’s lifespan and improve the reliability of your processes. Inspections are fast, so production stoppages are kept to a minimum.

For the strict and limited environment of aeronautics, we provide qualified personnel to perform non-destructive testing. We’ve adopted rigorous procedures developed in the petrochemical sector to enable us to examine a sample of, or of all your components. Our minutely calibrated equipment and the traceability of our reports are a guarantee of the quality of our work. Our aim is to continue attaining further certifications to expand our range of inspection services.

Inspecting specific components of industrial equipment directly effects their performance quality. Not only does it provide preventive maintenance, it also ensures the equipment does not outlive its useful life, thus keeping production costs down. Let our variety of fast services become an integral part of your prevention plan.
With 40 years of experience in the power, oil and gas industries, Thermetco Inspections excels in this sector. As a major local stakeholder now, we base our success on training our inspectors and on their multiple certifications. One single inspector trained to use several technologies can perform all the work, thus reducing costs while increasing efficiency. Our preventive measures allow us to control equipment wear-and-tear and reduce replacement costs.
Our work is done in compliance with the Controlled Goods Program (CGP), a testimony to our discipline and ethical standards. Thermetco Inspections uses a wide range of effective procedures to check component properties, reliability and freedom from defects.
Our expertise in construction allows us to make a preventive safety inspection at the start of a project to detect any irregularities as early as possible. By confirming that structures are intact we can guarantee the precise longevity of the equipment and the reliability of your facilities. A number of our inspectors have certification showing they meet Canadian construction standards. Our team is available and ready to work locally and on sites far abroad.

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