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Cryogenics Treatment

A cryogenic treatment (190°C/ -310°F) lasting more than 24 hours provides the treated parts with very high impact, corrosion and wear resistance, while giving them a useful life 2 to 5 times longer.

These treatments are particularly recommended for martensitic stainless steels, tool steels and parts working at high temperature and/or subject to wear.


Cold Treatment (deep freeze)

In the modern metallurgical industry, cold treatment (-85°C / -120°F) of hardened steels is largely used to transform the retained austenite into martensite. With this additional treatment, we can obtain the maximum characteristics of the treated material. In addition, the dimensional stability of the parts is greatly improved.

Wear Resistance (Rw)

Steel Untreated Deep Freeze Treatment
Cryogenic Treatment
190°C/ -310°F
52100 25.2 49.3 13
D2 22.4 308 878
A2 85.6 174.9 565
M2 1961 2308 3993
01 237 382 996

Source: Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University.