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After fabrication and before commissioning, most of the materials require specific and often complex thermal treatments. To meet this need, Thermetco’s experienced team has mastered and applied a multitude of procedures, which have proved their undeniable usefulness.

In a time of market globalization and increased competition, our team is committed to provide you with the advice, competencies and resources necessary to assure you of a total quality product that will meet your requirements and expectations.

To match our services with your demand, we have integrated Lean Manufacturing into our operations to provide just-in-time delivery. Combining performance with reactivity while keeping resource use to a minimum. Our metallurgical skills allied with statistical monitoring tools allow us to deliver, time after time, a variability exempt product.

With the integration of the Lean Manufacturing method of the automotive sector, and our use since 2003 of the Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) operational system developed by UTC, have enabled us to enhance our operational standards and deliver the very best to our aeronautical customers. Thermetco guarantees a superior quality, rapid service, making us an integral part of the supply chain.

Our services are indispensable to many industry segments. Close collaboration between our engineering department and yours allows us to minimize time spent on design and product manufacture. Not only do we reduce the variables resulting from the heat treatments but we also carry out inspections and non-destructive testing. Our savoir-faire and experience makes us an essential link in the supply chain.

Power, oil and gas industries, thrust Thermetco with the processing of their parts to reduce wear due to equipment abrasion, erosion and corrosion. Our heat treatments, inspections and non-destructive testing will extend component lifespan while maintaining the highest quality and accreditation levels.

In compliance with procedures of the Controlled Goods Program (CGP), we supply heat treatment and testing solutions for defence components. The processes used by Thermetco enhance their performance, reliability, durability and wear-resistance.

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