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Annealing and Normalizing Treatments

To obtain states close to thermodynamic balance
Through Thermetco, we offer you a full line of annealing treatments. These treatments are dedicated to carbon steels, low alloyed steels, stainless steels and non-ferrous metals.

Types of Treatments

Used to soften a material completely and improve its machinability, by creating a balanced metallurgical structure, free of internal stresses.

To soften a metal or a hardened alloy by a previous fabrication process.

To obtain both a homogeneous chemical composition and softening of the material, by heating and prolonged retention at high temperature.

This treatment, like full annealing, results in ferrite-perlite structures and very homogeneous microstructures. They are often sought in certain mechanical applications and constitute an ideal state for quenching.

Treatment performed at low temperature after quenching to eliminate brittleness and stresses and adjust the final hardness.

Increases the cold working capacity of the treated metal.

Treatment strongly recommended to eliminate the thermomechanical stresses induced by welding or hot or cold forming, prejudicial to the performance of metal parts or assemblies.